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Smart Glass - Vancouver

Smart Glass is sophisticated glass product that can come with many different properties. It can be smart enough to control the light, visibility and heat passing through it. For visibility it provides a cosmetic affect and the convenience of not having to use time wasting blinds. Smart glass, is gaining popularity for many reasons, in that it can provide cost savings in heating, air-conditioning, lighting along with the costs for blinds which are no longer necessary. It addition to this the pricing of smart glass has come down drastically.

The video clip below is from a television show and can give you an idea of the features that the product can be used for. Call our main office today for information on your smart glass options and potential tax savings.



 Service You Can Trust

Our client-centered approach offers an unwavering commitment to your satisfaction. To each and every glass railing project you can expect the following:

   Experience and professionalism.
   High quality thick grade A glass products.
   Honest, reasonable pricing on all of our products and installation.
   Veteran installers with over a 15 years experience paying.
   Attention to detailed precision including accurate glass gap spacing.
   Experts in building compliance expertise
   5 year, repair/replacement, warranty on all glass and hardware.



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