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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a questions that is not listed in the list below, give us a call and we would be glade to help you.

1.  Do all Vancouver Glass Railing products meet building code requirements?
Yes, all of our products were engineered to meet or exceed all building codes across North America.

2.  How strong is this glass? Will it shatter?
Absolutely not. Take a look at this older YouTube video to get an idea of how strong this glass really is.

3.  Is there a warranty on your glass products and services?
Yes, there is a 5 year, repair/replacement, warranty on all glass and hardware. are exchanged very easily. The clips are removed, the screws are loosened and the glass element is replaced with a new one in minutes.

4. Can you produce glass that is custom with art, has specialized curves and an alternate shapes?
Definitely. We build the glass and can customize to you specific needs. This would include putting a specific design or logo on the glass. Most special shapes and designs are possible.

5.   What are your glass height and length limits?
The maximum glass railing height and length can surpass the measure of 1 meter. Depending on the system and the applied load, such cases are tested by our team.

6.   Can I order the glass without installation? If so what is the delivery time?
Yes, we sell our glass separately however our warranty will not imply if you choose to install the glass yourself. Delivery time varies. For our regular glass that we supply it usually takes 3 to 4 days, however if your glass request is for customized glass it can take between 3 and 5 months.

7.   Can my glass railing move after installation?
No, absolutely not. There is no shifting of the rubber parts and the railing is securely glued. Any movement of our railing or any other railings is a defect and should be reported right away.

8.   What are the hand railing options?
Vancouver Glass Railing has an assortment of railing options to suit everyone's need. To view our selection, set up an appointment for our free consultation and one of our representatives will show you our catalogue of products.

9.   What are your payment options?
We have a variety of payment options. We also work with mortgage brokers that can take equity out of your home to make these improvements.

9.   Is it hard to keep the glass clean? What do I need to know about cleaning?
All glass railing in external environment should be cleaned occasionally for cosmetic reasons. The best way to clean glass railing is to use a bucket of hot car wash detergent soapy water. When done be sure to hose off the soap and leave it to dry.


 "There is a right way to install a glass railing and  then there is every other way. We'll get it right the first time, saving you time and money."


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